More Classes and Sewing

Class breakdown:

Breads and Rolls- SO excited! We are making Pain de mie (fancy sandwich bread) to beautiful braided artisan bread. I will be able to take pictures so I can share my creations!

Safety and Sanitation- Ok, no explanation, but at least the instructor is nice.

Purchasing- Although not as fun or exciting as my others, hopefully it will be useful in the future.

My chef uniform came in last week, so now I feel legit. One of my awesome Christmas gifts from my parents was a sewing machine. Since I have never used one before I have been practicing on a pair of my husband’s old jeans. It came with pre-programed letters so I will be able to embroider my jacket! The little things in life make me so happy =)

Also this weekend I made a pecan pie without corn syrup. Here is the results. Enjoy!

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One Response to More Classes and Sewing

  1. Sarah W. says:

    pain de mie, ooo la la! and this may sound funny, but i can totally picture you in a chef’s jacket! you’ll have to post a picture when you embroider ‘lisa boyce’ on there! 🙂

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