Cookies and Pain de Mie

Let me begin by clarifying something. So far I have posted mainly dinner suggestions, but I am going to school for baking and pastry arts. Cooking and baking are very different and typically are done by different people in professional settings. Those recipes aren’t anything I am learning, just some things I thought were tasty, quick, and simple. This post is all about what I have practiced this week in my fundamentals and breads and rolls classes.

We made chocolate chip with pecans, macadamia nut with white chocolate, and oatmeal cookies. We learned in detail how important it is to cream the dough properly and which ingredients might have been involved if the cookies spread to much or too little. The butter accidentally was left in the fridge and not put out to warm overnight so we had to warm it before baking. This was a valuable lesson to me because I always would just grab it straight from the fridge and not worry about it. This is why I am gong to school =)  I also learned the value of quality chocolate once I tasted the cookies. I can say with confidence it was the best chocolate chip cookie I have ever tasted.  I took a picture of the chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookie, but they are blurry. Sorry!

In breads and rolls, we made Pain de Mie which is like sandwich bread. The main thing I learned from this was how important it is to add the water at a correct temperature. We followed the formula:

Desired dough temp x 3= Y

Y-room temp-flour temp-machine friction temp = Temp of water added.

Our desired dough temp was 77. We were glad to have done it right!

After everything was mixed, we had to wait for it to rise and then roll it into rounds. This is more difficult than it seems because any imperfections will not produce a nice and smooth product.

We let dough rest and then shaped them for proofing. After proofing, we brushed on an egg wash to give our bread a nice color. We put them in the oven and here is our final product.

The process took 4 or 5 hours, but the results were so worth the wait! I can’t wait to try making this at home. If anyone is looking for a great bread recipe let me know because this is definitely one. Enjoy!

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6 Responses to Cookies and Pain de Mie

  1. Sarah W. says:

    i often forget that there is a ‘science’ to baking. maybe if i remembered that more often my baked goods would taste even better! i have a tendency to just throw everything i need in my kitchenaid mixer and just let it do it’s thing 🙂

    you look adorable in your chef outfit! and oh my gosh, that bread looks so scrumptious.

    • Lisa says:

      I would always throw the ingredients in as well, and I think most people would, which is why I love learning tips and sharing them too. =)

  2. Joseph Hays says:

    Cookies are always awesome, but its so rare to find delicious freshly baked bread. Awesome!

  3. LeAnne S says:

    that bread looks like I could just eat the picture! Great job! and I agree with Sarah you are soooo cute in your chef outfit! Maybe you could like move back to Carthage and open your own bakery :). I am thinking YES! lol

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