Muffins and Snow

On Tuesday we learned about muffins. We made oat bran, blueberry with lemon zest, morning glory, and banana nut. They were made “muffin” style, imagine that =), but basically it means mix everything together and add the flour last. Only stir until it is incorporated. Too much mixing would create air pockets in the muffins and ruin the texture. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera and then forgot to take pictures once I got home, but they were beautiful. I felt really good because the chef was walking through and stopped to compliment some cooling blueberry muffins, which just happened to belong to my group. Class on Friday is canceled due to icy conditions, which is great because I don’t have to be up as early, but is sad because I was looking forward to making 9 grain bread. In the mean time everyone stay warm and of course, enjoy!

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