Lemon Bars and Spritz Cookies

I had such an awesome Spring Break hiking, kayaking, fishing, and visiting with family, and am excited to be back updating with my latest creations.

First, the lemon bars. We used a sweet almond tart dough, which was made and then chilled. This gave a nice thickness and texture to the bars. I felt it complimented the lemon flavor well.

We then rolled the cold dough into a rectangular shape.

And baked it until almost completely done. See the separation from the edges and blondish color?

We made the filling while the crust was baking and filled it at the oven so it would be perfectly flat and not spill.

After finishing baking, and the chilling (very important see below) our finished product!

Ok, well maybe every piece didn’t turn out like that. more specifically only about 5 squares did out of our sheet pan. Make extra sure that the bars are completely chilled. We left ours in the refrigerator for 15 mins I’m guessing, but when we put parchment paper on the top and flipped them over, a layer that looked like America peeled off. We did have a nice Texas outline, too bad that wasn’t part of the assignment.

Moral of the lemon bar story — CHILL. Chill the dough and the finished product (after cooling naturally for a while of course)

Most of the time we are busy in class, but this particular day I guess we had a little too much time on our hands. All the dishes were done and something was in the oven. What else is there to do? Make towel creations of course! Pascal, one of my group mates showed his skills and owned us with his chicken.

Naturally, we all wanted to learn how so this is my attempt to replicate.

Finally, we made Spritz cookies. The dough was easy to make, but piping them into the perfect shapes was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. We used a raspberry jam filling on some and chocolate on others. Some cookies I’ve had like this have been very crispy, and these aren’t melt in your mouth chewy, but I did like their texture.


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One Response to Lemon Bars and Spritz Cookies

  1. Sarah W. says:

    i love lemon bars! they are by far one of my FAVORITE desserts. normally i’m fine with making them from the box mixes, but seeing them made from scratch inspires me think out of the box (so to speak)!

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