Pecan Pie and Apricot & Almond Glazed Shrimp

Our group created some pecan pies. Some with chocolate as you can see, and some without.

The little boy a couple of houses down from us had a birthday last weekend. We didn’t realize it was his birthday, so I made an A for Amir that way he could have a decorated slice. I didn’t give him the hearts of course.

I thought it was pretty cute.

While sitting in class I was dreaming of what we could make for supper. The last two times my husband and I have gone to Red Lobster, we have split the Maple Glazed(?) Shrimp and it is SO good! I wanted to try to create something similar. I started with just some Apricot Preserves, warmed them, and then crumbled some almonds in it.

Aaron grilled the shrimp and we seasoned the rice with soy sauce and carrots with garlic and roasted herbs. It was definitely a “make again”. We were thinking of other glazes to try. Any ideas?

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5 Responses to Pecan Pie and Apricot & Almond Glazed Shrimp

  1. LOVE that pie topping idea! I’m always looking for something to add a personal touch 😉

  2. Sarah W. says:

    that is SUCH a cute idea!

  3. LeAnne Seals says:

    OMG the maple glazed chicken and shrimp is my ALL TIME fave! im definitely trying this recipe! Surely it will save me the $18 dinner plus gas to Red Lobster lol

    • Lisa says:

      I hope it works well for you. It’s not exactly the same. They use a maple cherry glaze, but maybe they can pass for cousins. Tell me how it goes!

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