Healthy Baking and Chocolates

In healthy baking this week Carrot Cake was the theme. We made one that was eggless (cholesterol free) except for the cream cheese icing which was low fat and used sparingly.

And one that was more of a carrot pineapple cake. It was reduced fat, but you would never know, so delicious!

We also made something that was translated to Floating Islands. It was basically a  meringue poached in a water, sugar, apple cider vinegar mixture. They are popular in Europe, but not the US. Our Chef said about 20% of us would probably like it. I was not in the 20%, but they are pretty!

In chocolates class, we made Hazelnut Truffles, and yes they are as good as they sound.  It was a milk chocolate and hazelnut paste ganache enrobed in milk chocolate and covered in toasted almonds.

The second thing we made was called Grignotines. These had cranberries, pistachios, almonds, and rice crisps all held together with white chocolate. I am not normally a white chocolate fan, but these were nice. This would be a great Christmas gift since they are red, green, and white.

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5 Responses to Healthy Baking and Chocolates

  1. Oh Lisa . . . this all looks sooooo yummmy!!

  2. As always, everything looks just wonderful!

  3. Lisa says:

    Thank you! I am really enjoying learning.

  4. Those Floating Islands are insane! I don’t think I’d like them either–surprisingly I’m not a big fan of meringue, though I will tolerate it 🙂

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