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Profiteroles, Rhubarb Crepes, Fruille of Brick

These are called Profiteroles, which if you believe the old tale comes from Profit Rolls since they are relatively cheap to make. You probably have heard of cream puffs, same thing. They are made to be broken up and filled, … Continue reading

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Crock Pot Pasta Dish

The other night Aaron and I were craving a pasta dish, and we haven’t used our crock pot in a while so we decided to try this out. It turned out to be very tasty. This recipe was in our … Continue reading

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Healthy Baking and End of Chocolates

Last week our chef was sick so no plated desserts, never fear though we had healthy baking and chocolates class.  Speaking of chocolates, my last class was on Friday. I was planning on taking Wedding Cakes the second half of … Continue reading

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Devins, Mendiants, Apple Pie, and Baked Meringue

This chocolate was called Devin. We conditioned raisins in rum for 6 weeks and then mashed them in a paste to combine with the cream, chocolate, etc. After it set, we cut them into squares using something called a guitar. … Continue reading

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