Devins, Mendiants, Apple Pie, and Baked Meringue

This chocolate was called Devin. We conditioned raisins in rum for 6 weeks and then mashed them in a paste to combine with the cream, chocolate, etc.

After it set, we cut them into squares using something called a guitar.

After enrobing and piping milk chocolate on the top here is the finished product.

These are called Mendiants. They are made from a piped disk of chocolate and topped with a combination of nuts and fruit. I chose pecan halves, pistachios, and apricots (sliced into small rectangles) They are bite sized which is an added bonus.

This is a gluten free apple pie. If you have been following for a while, you might remember this recipe. It is the same except for the crust.

This is a baked meringue.

Our Chef showed us a nice way to flip our mangoes inside out and slice them. This makes it much easier to cut squares.

Add a little Chantilly Cream and Voila finished product!

Happy Baking!

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3 Responses to Devins, Mendiants, Apple Pie, and Baked Meringue

  1. Happy baking indeed! I love the idea of soaking raisins in rum and I’m not even a raisin guy!

    • Lisa says:

      I am not a big raisin girl either, but since they were basically a paste-like substance and with the strong chocolate flavor it was a nice addition. If you do this do not be alarmed by the strong rum odor they will give off, the final product won’t smell and the lovely taste will shine.

  2. Wow, y’all are making some really interesting stuff! I wouldn’t have thought of desserts like that.

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