Profiteroles, Rhubarb Crepes, Fruille of Brick

These are called Profiteroles, which if you believe the old tale comes from Profit Rolls since they are relatively cheap to make. You probably have heard of cream puffs, same thing.

They are made to be broken up and filled, which is what we did here with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, pastry cream, and chocolate sauce. We decorated with some caramel. It is hard to see here, but it looked very wispy and delicate.

With the tops on.

Here is my chef’s. I can definitely learn a lot from him.

Next, we made crepes. I learned how to flip them, which made me feel very official =) They needed to be extra thin and golden brown.

Next, we whipped up some rhubarb. I had never seen or tasted it before, so here is a picture. To me it tasted similar to a granny smith apple.

We put the rhubarb in the crepes, and sprinkled some powdered sugar on the top. Here is my final product.

Flax seed bread.
Vanilla Bavarian Cream and Strawberry Puree. Our challenge was to make this using a yogurt base for our healthy baking class. Unfortunately, our puree didn’t have time to set properly so the line isn’t clean. You can tell what it was supposed to look like though.

Today we created what translates to fruit bricks. Not that appetizing of a name, but when you think of eclairs, which means lightning, you learn to appreciate the French name more. First we caramelized sugar and passion fruit to coat our apples.

Here is the unbaked version. We put the apples into extremely thin sheets, think of them as an alternative to phyllo sheets. We used melted butter to make them flexible to make the top look nice.

The final product with passion fruit beurre blanc and berries. Until next time, Happy Baking!

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2 Responses to Profiteroles, Rhubarb Crepes, Fruille of Brick

  1. Gorgeous. Flax seed bread is one of my wife’s favorites. I make the version from The Bread Bible.

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