Turtle Birthday Cake

My brother loves turtles, maybe not like this guy, but they are his favorites. For his birthday he asked if I could make a 3D turtle carrot cake. I had never tried that before, but told him I would give it my best shot and used the carrot pineapple seen here.

The trial cake.Final product. His drawings are very light hearted so I tried to duplicate that with the cake.

He likes to draw his turtles with wings (I don’t know why), so I caramelized sugar and added those.

Side view

The big reveal

Very glad he liked it. Happy Birthday David!



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5 Responses to Turtle Birthday Cake

  1. Annie says:

    Hey Lisa! It’s Annie from church. You taught me in sunday school when I was little. I think you are an amazing chef and from what I’ve seen here you have a great talent. I thought the turtle cake was really cute! I also loved the nobinettes from a few pages back. They looked YUMMY!!! 🙂 I hope we can see you soon!

    • Lisa says:

      Annie! How have you been? My mom gives me updates about you occasionally. Thank you for the nice message; it made me smile. I am glad that you enjoyed the pictures, and it was great to hear from you. I hope to see you when we come in next sweet girl. Maybe around Thanksgiving?

      • Annie says:

        That would really cool! I miss you too and your mom says you really enjoy culinary school! I think that would be a really fun career. 🙂 hopefully we can see you soon!

        (Maybe you could cook something yummy for thanksgiving!!! 😀 )

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