L’Operas, Petit four Glacée, and Lime Tart

How beautiful is this? I snapped some shots as I drove to school. Seriously, who could be in a bad mood after such a nice sunrise?

On the highway.

From the parking garage.

Ok, daydream is over back to the kitchen. We made petit fours called L’Opera. It was created by Gaston Lenotre (he’s a famous forefather of baking if you will) We began with a Joconde Spongecake and brushed on a combo of simple syrup, coffee extract, vanilla, and coffee liqueur. Then spread a coffee flavored French Buttercream, SO delicious! Another layer of cake covered with a chocolate ganache. Cake, more buttercream and topped with a Cocoa Galcée.

The results. Fortunately, our cake was very light and fluffy. We tried hard not to squish all the air bubbles out while spreading.  Can you see the layers I mentioned above?

Serving option. I am very proud of these. I feel as if I could serve them and feel like a professional. The tops are shiny which you can tell a little here.

These petit four, Petit Four Glacée for lack of a better name, use the same technique and spongecake except with raspberry accents instead of chocolate and coffee.


View from the top.

In Cookies, Pies, and Tarts class we began simple with a lime tart with coconut shortbread tart dough.

Decorated with Italian Meringue.

Happy Baking!


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One Response to L’Operas, Petit four Glacée, and Lime Tart

  1. Wow! That French buttercream is just perfect. Everything looks wonderful.

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