Raspberry Tart, Palmiers, and German Chocolate Cake

We began with a shortbread tart dough and added a chocolate spongecake that was in the bottom of the raspberry tart.

This was covered with a chocolate raspberry ganache and decorated with strawberries and raspberries. It was a hit at the party this weekend.

These were called Palmiers or Elephant Ears. It is like a puff pastry with sugar. We chose cinnamon sugar. It still had the cold dough and went through the sheeter like the croissants.

After baking. I felt that they looked more like hearts than elephant ears, but still looked nice.

Playing around with other designs.

The flaky sheets I promised to show you this time.

This is a German Chocolate Cake. It tastes great and for my first cake to decorate I thought it went ok. This is the base.

View from the top. It is three layers all together. We learned about leveling cakes, rounding them out, applying crumb coats, and different piping techniques. I was ready to pull my hair out over the icing on the sides, but with practice it will be much better.

I have been learning many useful techniques this semester already and look forward to sharing my progress with you. Happy Baking!

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