Red Velvet Cake, Cat Tongues, Creme Brulee and Mousse Tart

Due to illness, Sysco conference, and overflowing drains, it seems as if this post is overdue. Last week we baked Red Velvet Cakes and froze them to decorate later.

This shows the crumb coat.

While waiting for that to set we practiced our rosettes.

The finished product! The main thing I need to work on is making the sides smooth without redoing it 3 times. It will come I just need practice. Overall I was very pleased since it’s only my second cake.

The day we had petit fours the Sysco conference was going on. Our class made these cat tongues quickly and dipped them in chocolate. We then got the opportunity to go to our first food show. A neat experience even if the desserts weren’t very impressive.

This is a tart with a shortbread dough, creme brulee base, and chocolate mousse topped with a cocoa gelee. It was very tasty and I loved the look of the layers.

I look forward to sharing more later, Happy Baking!

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6 Responses to Red Velvet Cake, Cat Tongues, Creme Brulee and Mousse Tart

  1. Oh those look great to me. But if you can eat the less than perfect ones, don’t improve too fast!

  2. Q says:

    The rosettes are very pretty, the cat’s tongues are interesting, but that tart is my favorite. All those layers look Scrumptious! No wonder Sysco’s desserts weren’t exciting to you, when you can make such wonderful food yourself you would be a hard customer to impress.

    • Lisa says:

      Unfortunately and fortunately I am pickier than I used to be when it comes to desserts. I do critique and compare but when something good comes along I think I appreciate it more. I have to say the tart was my favorite too.

  3. Oh, Lisa! What a pretty cake! Excellent icing 🙂

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