Butter Cookies, Linzer Tart, and an Apple Turnover

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a Callebaut and Demarle presentation. They are big names in chocolate and silicone molds. Such a great experience! They had examples of different desserts made with some of the newest things on the market. I have no pictures from this event, but here are the rest from the week.

Piped butter cookies with a candied orange peel, pistachio, cranberry, and toasted almond.

Almond tuile. It’s like a very thin cookie used mainly for decorations.

Linzer Tart. It is named for the city Linz in Austria and also is the oldest documented recipe in the world. It dates back to the 1600s

Close up of the lattice work and the raspberry jam filling.

These are  linzer cookies, also very popular. They are made with the leftover dough and are basically 2 baked cookies glued together with the jam.

In laminated dough, we made apple turnovers. After creating all the layers with the sheeter, we made the apple filling and egg washed the edges.

Up close of the apple and walnut mixture.

After folding and sealing the edges.

After baking, see the lovely layers?

So fluffy!

Happy Baking!

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One Response to Butter Cookies, Linzer Tart, and an Apple Turnover

  1. Those first cookies are just so pretty. Everything looks great.

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