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Marzipan Figure, Tuille, Biscotti, Croissant, Hazlenut Cookies, and Eclairs

My marzipan bear without the eyes. This could be placed on a cake or centerpiece to add a nice edible aspect to it. This was a lot of fun to play around with and it opens up so many doors … Continue reading

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Devil’s Food Cake and Croissants

In Cake Decorating we baked some Devil’s Food Cake and made a coconut pecan icing. There was a little left over so we made cupcakes with the rest. Next week, we will decorate the large cake. We have been working … Continue reading

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Black Bean Burrito

This is an easy recipe Aaron introduced me to. It is a quick dinner that consistently yields great results. 1.5 C water 1.5 C uncooked instant brown rice 1 medium green pepper, diced .5 C chopped onion 1 tsp minced … Continue reading

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Poached Apples, Flourless Brownies, Apple Cake, Pavlovas, and Chocolate Mousse

Poached Apples filled with homemade red currant jam. Covered with meringue and almond slices. After baking and decorating. Gluten Free chocolate brownies. These tasted nice and the recipe was so simple! You can see the moistness here. First we sliced … Continue reading

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Healthy Baking and End of Chocolates

Last week our chef was sick so no plated desserts, never fear though we had healthy baking and chocolates class.  Speaking of chocolates, my last class was on Friday. I was planning on taking Wedding Cakes the second half of … Continue reading

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Devins, Mendiants, Apple Pie, and Baked Meringue

This chocolate was called Devin. We conditioned raisins in rum for 6 weeks and then mashed them in a paste to combine with the cream, chocolate, etc. After it set, we cut them into squares using something called a guitar. … Continue reading

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Truffles, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and Angel food Cake with Mango Mousse

These truffles were my absolute favorite so far. They had an orange liqueur in them which had a nice undertone, but the best part of all was being able to share them with friends and family that I saw last … Continue reading

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